eWerks Inc

Bringing legacy technology into the 21st century


Since 1998 eWerks Inc has provided product design and technical support services to our valued customers.

We bring extensive experience with microcontroller integration, prototype development, PCB layout, manufacturing, and agency certifications to your project. Our technical know-how and industry partners will help get your shiny new idea to market. Large or small we welcome all inquiries.


We help you create great products - from concept to production.

Looking For Turnkey Product Design?

Contact us - we can assemble a team that will bring that prototype in on time and budget

Only Require Occasional Subcontract Services?

Reverse Engineering

Problems with obsolete or unsupported products? We have extensive experience updating legacy technology. Lost, missing or nonexistent design documentation - no problem.

Need Help with a Special Project?

Contact us - we can provide custom or COTS solutions for those troublesome one-off special projects.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project requirements:

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Unit 420-2186 Mountain Grove Ave., Burlington, ON, Canada

905 319 7756